The video shows the process to draw a portrait of Yorkshire Terrier in 2 styles of basic and premium cartoon. It takes 2-3 hours to draw. 

Premium Cartoon

If you prefer a simple piece of art with a bit of fun thrown in, we can produce a premium cartoon for you. We will personalize a cartoon style of your subject with a playful character. We use black pen to draw the outline of the subject. Then simple colors are added to make artwork vibrant. The unique playful character and bright colors will add a smile to those who look at the artwork. We can add words of your choice to express the character of the portrait.  


Basic Cartoon

If you want something minimalistic, we offer basic cartoon. We use a simple black pen and a single color for the artwork.  This is the simplest and playful style. This style is suitable for canvas printing on T-shirt, mugs, pillows etc.

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