1. Basic Greyscale

This artwork has simple black lines with grey. Black Ink pen is used to express the proportion of the subject with clearly defined lines. Black, grey and white show the simplicity of a portrait, utilising light and shadows. A combination of pencil and watercolour tool brushes in iPad add texture, such as the fur of a dog. We can include words of your choice with the portrait, an example being the name and some words that describes the nature of your pet. A white background ensures that the focus of the art is the beautiful subject in the portrait. It represents simplicity, gracefulness and serenity of life.         

2. Basic Colour

If you prefer an artwork with colours, we have the basic colour offering. Colours are added on top of the baseline black line. We use the tool brush of watercolour in iPad to add simple colours to the subject of the portrait. The dynamic appearance of the portrait is enhanced. Shadow and lights are expressed in different tone of colours. Careful choice of the colours will be applied to express the basic texture of the subject. It requires more effort and time from the artist to produce the artwork. A simple coloured background will be included to enhance the subject of the portrait. The colourful painting creates a vibrant and refreshing energy to the subject of the artwork. We can include the words of your choice. It can be the name and character of your pet.

3. Premium Colour

Premium colour offers full colours with multiple layers of different paint brushes such as pencil, watercolour, airbrush etc in iPad. We apply different techniques to add vibrant visual effects to the portrait. Precise expert choice of colours adds a sense of richness and vibrant energy to the artwork and the subject.

Multiple layers are added in the correct sequence and planned to produce the artwork. Texture, shadows, and lights of the subject will be expressed in different tones of colours in a unique artistic way. The level of detail exceeds any other styles. Due to the nature of the artwork, it takes 10-12+ hours to produce an artwork in premium colour. It will be unique because it will be the one and only in the world since it is custom made. In addition to that, we can include the words of your choice. It can be the name and character of your pet.

4. Premium Cartoon

If you prefer a simple piece of art with a bit of fun thrown in, we can produce a premium cartoon for you. We will personalise a cartoon style of your subject with a playful character. We use black pen to draw the outline of the subject. Then simple colours are added to make artwork vibrant. The unique playful character and bright colours will add a smile to those who look at the artwork. We can add words of your choice to express the character of the portrait.  

5. Basic Cartoon

If you want something minimalistic, we offer basic cartoon. We use a simple black pen and a single colour for the artwork.  This is the simplest and playful style. This style is suitable for canvas printing on T-shirt, mugs, pillows etc.