If you prefer an artwork with colors, we have the basic color offering. Colors are added on top of the baseline black line. We use the tool brush of watercolor in iPad to add simple colors to the subject of the portrait. The dynamic appearance of the portrait is enhanced. Shadow and lights are expressed in different tone of colors. Careful choice of the colors will be applied to express the basic texture of the subject. It requires more effort and time from the artist to produce the artwork. A simple colored background will be included to enhance the subject of the portrait. The colorful painting creates a vibrant and refreshing energy to the subject of the artwork. We can include the words of your choice. It can be the name and character of your loved one.

We capture your precious memory in a piece of art as a gift

Memory is a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.


Friendly officer from Salvation Army

I have known James for a number of years now from standing in the Anzac Square tunnel for The Salvation Army. I was greatly humbled, when one day James asked me if he could do a portrait of me. I agreed, and waited patiently for the finished product. When I viewed the portrait I was truly blessed, not only because of the privilege of having a portrait done of myself, but also by the quality, attention to detail, and the likeness of the masterpiece. It is truly lifelike, and I love it.

I have bragged to many of my friends and family about James's amazing talent. So much so, that I made copies of it and gave it to my children, who also loved it.

Thank you James for your kind heart, and for sharing the amazing gift God has given you. I value you as a friend, and I thank God that He has placed you in my life.

God bless you my friend