Top 3 Reasons to Get a Custom Pet Portrait

Pet can be a good companion in the social distancing environment. Since the Covid-19 occurs around the world, the world has changed dramatically. People cannot meet each other like before. The governments in many countries enforce the rules of social distance to avoid transmission of Covid-19. People are forced to stay at home most of the time. Without interacting with people, many people experience loneliness and sometime depressed because they are alone at home. The social media adds stress and fears with the number of people who are infected with Covid-19 around the world. It does not help individual who is alone at home.

Therefore, two are better than one. Family and friend support will be essential during pandemic. However, not everyone can always stay with family. Many foreigners have to leave their hometowns to find their ideal jobs in the other country. When their family is far away, many people choose to have a pet at home. In this situation, pet especially dog can be a very good companion. Studies have found that pets can reduce loneliness and increase feeling of social support.

Pet is part of the family

Reasons to get a pet portrait.

1. To show your pet as a part of the family.

Pet such as dog waits for you to come back home from your workplace. Dog creates a warm transition from a busy environment to a relaxing place with a warm welcome. The dog dances around you every time you come back home. It acts like it celebrates your appearance because you are its world of joy. Sometimes you might feel like you want to give something back for your dog because it brings so much joy to your life. You can order a dog portrait and frame it in your house as a meaningful gift to appreciate your dog in your life. Eventually you might have friends who come to visit you. Your friends who have the common interest like you might notice the custom dog portrait. Your friends and you can have a common topic to chat with. This creates a point of interest in your house.       

My pet is awesome

2. To tell the story about you and your pet.

Pet can be a source of comfort and support. Sometimes, therapy dogs are brought into hospital or nursing homes to help patient’s anxiety. Studies show that there are positive health effects. It can boost the mood of the patients. Besides, it also helps the kids with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Studies reveal that the mood of the kids with autism are calmer when they have interaction with pets. Other than that, some patients with anxiety are able walk out from the anxiety because they have a pet which helps them overcome anxiety. If you are one of those patients, you can share your story with a customized portrait of you and your pet. Sometimes, a photo of your pet and you is not enough to tell your story. If you want a few meaningful message or images in order to tell your story. You can describe it to us. We can customize it to suit your requirements.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

People might not read a long message you want to share but they will look at a picture which conveys messages effectively than the words. As you share your stories with them, you might be able to help the people who are in the progress of overcoming their own anxiety. You can help them because you have overcome the challenge of your life.

I miss my cat

3. To immortalize your pet in portrait form      

Dog’s life is between 10-13 years, cat’s life is between 2-16 years, guinea pig’s life is between 4-8 years, lovebird’s life is between 10-15 years, and pigeon’s life is 15 years. Average human lifespan is 79 years.

Based on the lifespan of the pets and human being above, it can conclude that the pet won’t be able to become a companion throughout your whole life. It is a sad truth. However, you can have your pet portrait to commemorate your pet especially when they are no longer with you. They hold a special place in your heart which you will never forget. You can celebrate your pet’s life with the pet portrait to show your appreciation of your pet in your life. You will never forget to smile again whenever you see your favorite pet in the picture.  

Other than pet portrait in a framed picture, there are ideas for you to print your pet portrait on other items. Sometimes you might need to travel to other places for business and you cannot travel with your pet because of the restrictions of the flight. Now you can have your pet portrait printed on the items that you can bring along with you wherever you go. We can digitalize your pet portrait to the format you need for canvas print. The file can be pdf and JPEG format.

We can send you the file so that you can print your pet portrait on any items you want. Ideas of the items you can customize: 

  • Cup with your pet portrait
  • Pillows
  • T-shirt
  • Blanket


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