Photo Guide


Tip #1 - Good Lighting

Please take a photo with a good source of light. Daylight or well lit room is good. We work directly with the photo you upload. Poor quality and poor lighting of the photo will affect the quality of our works as well. Please choose a photo that you are happy with. 

Dark and blur photo will produce bad quality drawing

Good photo will produce good quality drawing


Tip #2 - Position 

Sitting down and standing up pet photos work best. Do not leave any body of your pet out of the frame, we can only work with what's in the photo. 

Pet does not look at the camera 

Good photo will produce good quality drawing


Step 3 - Single

Please take a photo of your pet without other obstacles. One pet per photo please. Please inform us if you want to have 2 pets in one single drawing. We can do that but there is different cost. 

Too many pets which can confuse the artist.

Show your pet that you want us draw. 

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