What can we do with the digital copy of the portrait?

This is the question which is asked by our first customer. In order to help the customer, this page is created to show the customers with many options to use the digital copy of the portrait. As customer might be aware of the following procedure to make an order. 

How it works?

 Step 01

Choose your favorite photo with a good resolution. (Between 300KB - 5MB)

Make sure your photo follows our Photo Guide. 

Step 02

Choose the style you like. We have 5 styles: Basic Greyscale, Basic Color, Premium Color, Premium Cartoon and Basic Cartoon. Each style has different time frame to produce it. Add to cart and place your order.

Step 03

Send us an email with a word or a few words which you would like to add in the portrait. The words can be meaningful to you or best describe your subject. Attach selected photo/ image to the email and send it to general@preciousartcorner.com

 Step 04

We will create your personalized portrait with care and attention.

You will receive your final drawings by email in 3 weeks time.

Step 05

We allow one amendment if you want any addition to the drawing we have produced after 3 weeks.

Step 06

Please write us a testimonial if you are satisfied with the drawing.

When the portrait is done, we will send 3 files- 1x low resolution JPEG, 1x high resolution JPEG and 1x PNG file to the client with email. After the customer receives those files, customer can upload the low resolution JPEG to his/ her social media or use it as a background in the mobile phone and computer. With the high resolution files, customer can do canvas print on many items they like. Here are the options:  

Framed Posters

Farmed Poster

Framed Poster

Reference : Sizes of the portrait - A4 (210mm x 297mm), A3 (297mm x 420mm) and Photo size (150mm x 200mm) 

We provide 3 sizes of the portrait - A4 (210mm x 297mm), A3 (297mm x 420mm) and Photo size (150mm x 200mm). We normally set up virtual A4 size paper before we start drawing. This will be ideal for printing on A4 size paper. If the customer would like to have A3 size, please notify us early. We set up the virtual paper size prior to any drawing.   

Coffee Mugs

Wouldn't it be nice to have your favorite pet portrait on your mug? You can bring the mug to your office and any places. You might not be able to bring your pet to those places but you can have your favorite pet portrait in your hands. That could make your day.  

Pillow Cases

Pillow cases would be ideal when you are lying on your bed or sofa. It creates a pleasant visual attention whenever you look at it. Of course, you can hug the pillow as if you are hugging your favorite pet.  

T-shirt & Cap

With the high resolution JPEG and PNG files, you can print it on T-shirt. Simple and nice. 

Bag, Apron, Backpack, Cap, Towel, Postcards, Phone Cases & Stickers

Other than previous options, you can do so many things with the JPEG & PNG file. Here are the options: 






Phone Case


Hope you have a good ideas of what you can do with the digital files. Place an order in our website for your beloved ones and pets today.