Due to Covid-19, millions of people have to stay at home most of the time. At times it can be unpleasant because people lose their freedom. Some people might feel depressed from being bombarded by constant negative news since the pandemic started.

Are you stuck at home because of Covid-19 and you do not know what to do? How about drawing?

Don’t let’s those events set the agenda in our lives. Let’s be proactive with what we can do, even if we are stuck at home. Rather that feel that you are trapped at home, see it as an opportunity to refocus on the real values of your life.

Here are a few tips to do when you are home:

Draw to relieve stress

It is a very challenging world with Covid-19 around us. Too many things happen around us. Our initial plan cannot cope up with the rapid changes caused by the Covid-19. It creates stress and distraction in our lives. In order to stay focus, you can actually draw. Studies reveal that drawing can help you relax your mind. It helps you focus and forget all other concerns in your life when you draw. Drawing can stimulate parts of the brain which are responsible for imagination. It gives you stronger problem solving abilities. You can start planning rationally when you are calm. You can even draw out your plan to solve the problems effectively.     

Draw to express yourself

Do you feel stuck and do not know how to express in words? Sometimes you might not want to share it with close friends because you don’t want to influence the others to be worried about you.

You can draw anything on a piece of paper or many papers to express yourself. You can draw the emotions out of your heart on the papers. If the drawings reveal your sadness, throw them into rubbish bin or burn them and MOVE ON. Let it goes.

Are you stuck at home because of Covid-19 and you do not know what to do? How about drawing?
Let it go

If the drawings reveal your precious moment, KEEP it and FOCUS on creating more in the future. Let’s HOPE.  

“Art is a line around your thoughts” Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter)

You might not know what you are going to draw but you will find out the precious moment in your heart after you draw.

“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish it”.

Make your home a better place to stay

Since you have plenty of time at home, many people even work from home nowadays, you can make your home a better place to stay and even work in. Work from home becomes a new normal for many people. Workplace and home can be a good combination when you make some effort to modify your home. Your home office can be added with nice furniture and color. Comfortable office chair is a good idea, reclined chair will be even better when you have a break from your work. If you think the color of a wall in your home office is plain, you can paint the whole wall and draw on the wall. Draw a place you want to be on the wall. If that is too much work, buy a portrait drawing and display it on your desk.  

Keep learning and grow stronger (spiritually and mentally)

Learning never stops. You can learn to draw. Drawing does not need to be complicated. It can a pencil and a piece of paper. It is sufficient to create a simple piece of art yourself.  If you want to be a sophisticated artist, you can enroll the drawing courses in Udemy www.udemy.com and Skillshare- https://join.skillshare.com/. There are many interesting courses which help you produce an interesting piece of art. It is not about the product, it is about the progress you experience when you draw. The piece of artwork you do yourself create a sense of accomplishment. There is no right or wrong in Art. It is similar to our lives. Isn’t it? All we can do is KEEP TRYING. The more we practice, the better artist/better person we can be.  Be patient and be kind.   

Spend time with your loved ones including your pet. Buy love ones a gift to show them your appreciation.

During this challenging time, it is easy to see the true color of a person. Many people use the current chaos to steal and damage things in the other countries. However, some people are able to show their kindness in the difficult situation. It can be your friend who helps you up in the past. It can be your siblings or parents who accompany you during the pandemic. It can be your loved one who will always by your side no matter what.

It is time to show your appreciation. You can order a portrait drawing for your loved ones. It can be a good present when the words are not enough to express your gratitude to them. Take action to order a portrait drawing online.


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