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Why it is called Precious Art Corner?

Where can I get a personalized pet portrait?

What is the best gift for pet lovers?

Can I get a customized pet portrait for pet lovers?

Where can I get a portrait drawing?

Have you ever wanted to capture the precious moment of your life in a lifelong picture?

What gift should I buy for our wedding anniversary?

What gift should I get for my parents?

Yes, you have come to a right website. Precious Art Corner is a gift for you. You can capture your precious moment in a piece of art as a gift for yourself or your loved ones. We provide service to draw a portrait for the customers with different expectations. They can be human portrait and pet portrait. We create a visual art that add valuable memory to the customer. The memory can be meaningful and beautiful that worth last forever. This custom made art will be the one and only you can find in the world because it is specially made for you!!

Have you ever missed someone who is no longer with you but you still remember his/ her love and kindness? It could be your dad who inspires you to be courageous to face every challenges in life. It could be your mum who loves you unconditionally and you would do the same to the next generation. You can cherish this precious moment with a piece of art so that you can display the piece of art at your home or workplace. It inspires you every day to create more precious moment in the coming days. It keeps you moving on in your life. Be kind and spread the love.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure”

Why Precious Art Corner?

2020 is a year like no others. Covid-19 hits the world out of a sudden. People lose their loved ones during the pandemic. Death could be so closed to many people who are infected. Many people lose their jobs in this situation. Covid-19 could affect everyone not only physically but also emotionally. It could be the darkest moment in your life.

As a person who suffered from depression at young age, I understood the feeling. I used to walk in and out of the hospital when I was young due to cancer. It was my darkest moment in my life.

However, I chose LIFE rather than walking dead. I chose HAPPINESS rather than sadness. I chose HOPE rather than hopeless. I managed to walk out from my darkest moment because there were precious moments, I cherished with the people who loved me. I cherished those moments with a piece of Art to remind myself not to give up the Happiness of Life. Art helps me with self-discovery, stress relief and self-esteem. It helps me focus on the true values of life and beat the depression.

Life is precious. If I can walk out from the darkness, I believe you can too.

2020 is the year Precious Art Corner is born in a challenging world. To tell the world that there is HOPE.

“Life is too short to be miserable.” - anonymous

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Maya Angelou

An attitude to make the world better and to love one another.

PS: Studies of Harvard University suggest that art therapy can be very valuable in treating issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and even some phobias. It is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings and find relief. 


Who is James

Thanks for finding out more about me. I am an artist who lives in Brisbane, Australia. I am passionate with art. Drawing on a piece of paper is my job every day. I draw buildings from Monday to Friday. During weekends, I pursue my passion-Art. I have completed Procreate Masterclass: How to Draw and Paint on iPad Course. I also complete Certificate IV in Business.  

I like drawing. I enjoy walking at the riverside during the weekend. I like sitting at the bench and hold my pencil to draw on a sketchbook. Then I start sketching the beautiful scenery I see in front of me. It can be just simple lines and nice. Now, I use Ipad and apple pencil to draw. I do not want to limit my skill on a piece of paper. I would like to extend my skill in a digital world so that it could reach out more people. My passion is helping people and pet lovers to capture their precious moments in a form of art that is meaningful to them.

What we can do for you?

We can draw a portrait for you in a file format that you can print it on items such as cup, photo block, pillows, stubby holder and etc.

How it works?

 Step 01

Choose your favorite photo with a good resolution. (Between 300KB - 5MB)

Make sure your photo follows our Photo Guide. 

Step 02

Choose the style you like. We have 5 styles: Basic Greyscale, Basic Color, Premium Color, Premium Cartoon and Basic Cartoon. Each style has different time frame to produce it. Add to cart and place your order.

Step 03

Send us an email with a word or a few words which you would like to add in the portrait. The words can be meaningful to you or best describe your subject. Attach selected photo/ image to the email and send it to

 Step 04

We will create your personalized portrait with care and attention.

You will receive your final drawings by email in 3 weeks time.

Step 05

We allow one amendment if you want any addition to the drawing we have produced after 3 weeks.

Step 06

Please write us a testimonial if you are satisfied with the drawing.

We capture your precious memory in a piece of art as a gift

Memory is a way of holding on to things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

Thanks for finding out about us. We have free gifts for you. Get your Free gifts by clicking the button below.

What people are saying about our drawings?

James is one of the most talented people I have met who draws well and has a creative mind. He is very good in hand drawing and can always capture the essence of emotion through his artwork. I have known him for years and he never fails to impress me with his portraits and sketches. He is a true talent not just from his skill set, but also through his patience and dedication to always do his best in delivering a quality masterpiece. He has done a portrait for my fiancé and I for our engagement day and it is truly impressive! We will be hanging up this portrait in our new home to reminisce this gift in years to come that James has given us. I would highly recommend him if you would like a portrait done for yourself, family, or anyone!


Married couple

Human Portrait

I was compelled to have James draw a portrait of my sons after seeing the amazing drawing he had done of my Dad. It is such a treasured piece of memory for me that I can hang proudly in my home. I am blown away by the amazing gift James has and by his amazing customer service. Will highly recommend James to anyone that will listen!


The artwork done by James was so lively that every time we look at it, it brings us back to the day we took that photo. An amazing piece to display at our wedding. 

Michael & Ianna

Happy Couple

I have known James for a number of years now from standing in the Anzac Square tunnel for The Salvation Army. I was greatly humbled, when one day James asked me if he could do a portrait of me. I agreed, and waited patiently for the finished product. When I viewed the portrait I was truly blessed, not only because of the privilege of having a portrait done of myself, but also by the quality, attention to detail, and the likeness of the masterpiece. It is truly lifelike, and I love it.

I have bragged to many of my friends and family about James's amazing talent. So much so, that I made copies of it and gave it to my children, who also loved it.

Thank you James for your kind heart, and for sharing the amazing gift God has given you. I value you as a friend, and I thank God that He has placed you in my life.

God bless you my friend

Human Portrait


Friendly officer from Salvation Army

I wanted to do something special for Anna on Valentine's Day and when I saw the quality of James's portraits I knew I had to commission James for the job. He was proactive in helping with selection of an appropriate photo and style of caricature. James went above & beyond to ensure I was satisfied with the finished product. I highly recommend James for your special portrait. 

Cheers Jeff

Jeff & Anna

Happy customer

James is very passionate and talented artist. We are absolutely happy with his artwork😍. Many thanks for an amazing family portrait. Great service with reasonable price. Highly recommend Precious Art Corner to everyone!

Raymond & Adeline

Happy Family

哇! 这是我看到成品之后的第一个反应,不只是因为画得像, 而是真的很像照片里的那个人. 从画里面看得出画者很用心在每一个细节, 好像每一笔一撇都有在思考着才下笔画出来的. 从画者的成品中看得出, 他不只是看重每一个画作, 也看重每一个顾客. 我很开心, 谢谢你! 

Wow! This was my first reaction when I saw the finished product, as it looks almost like the real person in the photograph. From the painting, I can see that the artist is meticulous to each detail, as if every stroke is drawn with care. The portrait shows that he values not only the painting, but every customer. Thanks for doing such a great job!

Human Portrait

Chloe & Yeron

Couple in love

Thank you James! Beautiful work💕👍👍 The artwork makes me smile when I see it. 


First happy customer of dog portrait

James is a talented artist I've known for years. His art techniques are really unique and surreal. I've recently engaged him to draw some lovely pet dogs.
To my surprise, I was blown away with the results. If you're getting a piece of picasa in your crib, you should look for James.


Happy customer of dog portraits