Since many people have to stay at home due to Covid-19, they suddenly have plenty of time at home. Before the pandemic, they work in the office from Monday to Friday. They can “escape” or have a break at the beach during the weekends. Weekend activities become their topic of happiness when their colleagues ask them “How is your weekend” or “do you have any plan for the weekend” in the office. During the pandemic, this situation has changed. Many people have to stay at home and even work from home. Without this unprecedented pandemic in their lives, they might not know what they can do at home. They might stare at their pets and watch television together. They might feel empty after they watch the television for hours. Instead of sitting and watching television, you can create an artwork. It creates a sense of accomplishment after you spend sometimes in doing the artwork. However, many people have a few excuses that hold them back to do the artwork with their own hands. These excuses become mistakes to explore their potential to draw.

Mistake #1: I am not an artist. That is why I can’t draw.

Many people do not work as artists for their full time job. They could be businessmen who are busy from Monday – Friday. Therefore they are hesitated to pick up a paint brush to start drawing on a drawing board. They think that they can’t draw because they are not an artist. They think they cannot do any good artwork that can be the displays in their house. THEY ARE WRONG!! 

Most people have a misconception of their own skills. As long you can hold a pencil with your hand and write on a paper, you can start to draw! You don’t need to start with any paint brush, watercolor, acrylics, palettes, inks, etc. You can start with a pencil, sketchbook and maybe color pencils. They are sold with affordable price.

Simple sketch. It does not need to be perfect.

If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced – Vincent Van Gogh (Dutch post-impressionist painter)

Mistake #2: I don’t know what to draw.

5 excuses you cant draw
Your precious moment in your life

You can draw your dog portrait to start with. It can be a photo of your dog which is taken with your phone. Besides your pet, you can draw anything that you want. Although it can be anything, we would recommend to draw something that are meaningful to you. It can be the people who are important for you in your life. It can be your family portrait, wife’s or husband’s portrait and friend’s portrait. At least there is a momentum for you to draw beautiful souls around you who have helped you grow as a better person as you are today. You can draw the precious moment you spend with your loved ones. It can be the precious moment both of you hold hands, candle light dinner, the day you propose to your wife and she says “yes”, both of you walk into the church on your wedding day and many more. When the drawing is done, you can frame your drawing, sign it and give it to your loved one as a unique gift to appreciate them to be around with you in your life. This drawing will be the one and only gift in the world because no one can find it at the other places.    

Mistake #3: I don’t have the mood to draw. I am depressed since I am trapped at home.  

Draw out your feeling. Life can be challenging especially with the pandemic. However, we can express ourselves through drawing. Sometime we do not even know the cause of the depression. We might not know to express the feelings with words. With drawing, we can express our thoughts on a piece of paper and start analyzing what is actually deep down in our hearts. Drawing involve deep thinking. It can be a soul finding progress. This piece of drawing can be your diary. You might have a few drawings. Keep them.  

5 excuses you cant draw
Draw to express your sadness and bury it. Move on and never look back

Over the time, you might find something precious in the thinking to draw – You want to MOVE ON. You want a BREAKTHROUGH in your life. You have a family who loves you. “Grab hold” that feeling. Throw away the drawings of sadness and NEVER LOOK BACK. Do the right thing to create more precious moment with your loved ones.   

“Everyone is an artist, a freedom being called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.” – Joseph Beuy (German artist)

“The work of art is a scream of freedom.” Christo Vladimirov Javacheff (Artist)

Mistake #4: I don’t want to make a mess.

You can start drawing with a pencil and a sketchbook. You don’t need paint brushes and watercolor to start with. If you want to be a sophisticated artist, you can start with a graphic tablet. You will never create a mess with a graphic tablets!!

5 excuses you cant draw

Do not worry, there is no right or wrong in art. Trust yourself and remember that art is play. So have a good time and make up the rules as you go along! -quote from Balzer Designs

You can choose any tablets based on your budget. There are many graphic tablets available in the market. Check out the tablets in this website

Personally, we use Ipad Pro and Apple pencil. It is a good tool to draw digitally and beauty of it, you can undo your mistake!

Mistake #5: It is too hard.

It might be too hard at the beginning but with more practice, the better artist you can become. We believe that is the fact that every artist agrees with. Many artists start from a stick man sketch to a sophisticated beautiful human portrait.

If you think that it is still too hard to produce an artwork, let us do the hard work for you. Click the button to order your portrait drawing.


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